Garden Butterfly Survey 2012

November 2012. The Clouded Yellow, along with the Painted Lady, is our other great periodic migrant but hasn’t been seen in any significant numbers in Ireland since 2006. A couple of Painted Ladies actually turned up in my garden in early September when I had something of an explosion of butterflies, most spectacular of which was up to 50 Small Tortoiseshells on my autumn flowering buddleia – a late and welcome reprise to what was in general another poor summer for butterflies – this photo is courtesy of my friend Tom Buckley from Kildare Bat Group who is an amazing wildlife photographer.

small tortoiseshell on buddleia 5 Nov 2012


January 2013. I didn’t see any Orange Tips on the wing in my garden in 2012 although their larvae were on the Lady’s Smock (below) but the return of the Ringlet and aforementioned Painted Lady brought my number of species up to 11 in 2012. See Garden Survey Findings in Butterfly Conservation Ireland’s 2012 Annual Report.

holly blue on runner bean 7
Holly Blue
orange tip larvae 6
Orange Tip larva



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