Hot Afternoon in Hortland

It’s turning out to be one of the best summers in years. Lucy and I spent an afternoon in Hortland (N794357) recently surrounded by a wealth of wildlife. Here’s a few pics:

hortland 1 june 2013 13
Pair of mating Speckled Woods
hortland 2 june 2013 14
Meadow Brown


burnet moth 16
Cinnabar moth
red damselfly hortland june 2013 15
Large Red Damselfly














Footnote, February 2014.

I didn’t know it at the time but my mother had suffered a heart attack that sunny summer afternoon last July so I’m afraid I have bittersweet memories of that day now. When two of my brothers found her semi-conscious in her yard her faithful dog and cat were sitting one each side of her head and remained there until the ambulance arrived. Although she also suffered a subsequent stroke, she made a good recovery and is now in a nursing home. I think I got my love of wildlife from my mother and father and I have wonderful memories of magical days in Pollardstown Fen with my father who had grown up nearby – the fen was being drained at the time (and in danger) but it was much easier to move around in than it is now.


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