Garden Bird Survey – 10 years on

I am presently participating in Birdwatch Ireland’s Garden Bird Survey for the 11th time. As I therefore have 10 complete surveys, and this is usually a minimum period for statistical significance, I carried out an analysis of my data over the Christmas period. I’ll put a link to what I’ve written up as soon as I figure out how to do it so for now here’s a graph of four species which I find interesting.

Graph of 4 birds feb 2014

Here’s the link to ‘Pat’s Garden Bird Survey 2003-13’ in OneDrive followed by two of my YouTube videos.


PV System Update – Monthly Intensity

I was playing around with some of the data in my spreadsheets and came up with this indicator which I think gives a good picture of average monthly intensity of solar energy especially when graphed. I simply multiply the output for each month (kWh) by 1000 and divide it by the number of hours clocked up by the system in that month so obviously the unit for this indicator is Watts.

Graph of solar energy intensity JPEG 2015