The Beginning – Reaching for Zero Carbon Emissions

Given my energy background, it was natural that I would set about improving the energy performance of my house when I moved in over 18 years ago. It is a detached bungalow built just before the first oil crisis of 1973 with little or no consideration for energy issues. It can be seen from the graph below that the reductions in energy use I have achieved (about 75% in the last 14 years) have come in several phases.

Following the large reduction in gas usage in 2007, and the subsequent installation of solar systems in 2008 and 2011, I have begun to focus more on my carbon footprint rather than just energy reduction. Now that my carbon emissions are barely 300 kg/year (most houses are measured in tonnes), I think it is reasonable to refer to my low carbon house and since I’ve passed the 90% renewables contribution landmark I’ve even allowed myself to start thinking of the Holy Grail of Zero Carbon! The graph below shows the contribution of the different renewables over the past 12 years.

Graph of fuel mix trend JPEG 2014

Graph of percentage renewables JPEG 2014


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