Barrow Way photos from 2015

I walked the Barrow Way in Kildare a lot this year as part of my Comma project. It also helped immensely with my rehabilitation and I could visit my mother in her nursing home before heading home. I have to admit that I was unfamiliar with this corner of Kildare and the engineer in me marvelled at the, mostly 18th century, infrastructure which you can get a glimpse of from these photos – no butterflies for once. The Barrow Lock is where the Grand Canal Barrow Line enters the River Barrow at Athy. South of this there are some navigation cuts or side canals to enable boats to pass weirs, mills and rapids. The Levitstown cut measuring 2 miles is the longest of these. The county boundary with Carlow is south of Maganey where the River Lerr flows into the Barrow – the west bank of the river along here is in Laois.

11 River Barrow Athy
River Barrow at Athy Castle


10 Barrow Lock2
Barrow Lock & Horse Bridge, Athy


8 Ardreigh Millhouse & Lift Bridge
Ardreigh Millhouse & Lift Bridge


7 Ardreigh Lock
Ardreigh Lock looking north to Athy



Barrow Way map6 Athy2


4 Levitstown Lift Bridge
Lift Bridge at Levitstown


3 Levitstown Mill
Levitstown Mill


2b Maganey Bridge
Maganey Bridge



1 Maganey Lock
Maganey Lock

Barrow Way map7 Maganey2