ImmerSUN=Smiley House=Happy Pat!

This is my new favourite toy. My electrician Eoin (EK Electrical) connected the ImmerSUN controller last Friday and installed a new storage heater. ImmerSUN will divert excess electricity from my PV system to designated devices such as the storage (space) heater and immersion (water) heater before exporting to the grid. I’m doing this with the aim of increasing my ‘own use’ and reducing my exports as the cost of electricity goes up and with uncertainty hanging over the buy-back contracts for micro-generators like myself. It’s much more sophisticated than I expected and I’m still learning it’s full range of functions. It will also produce more recordings to work into my spreadsheets!


This is the home screen yesterday morning when it was nice and sunny. It shows 1.2kW of electricity going from the house (my PV system) to the storage heater which I have designated as my number 1 priority. The ‘Savings’ at that point yesterday amounted to 0.6kWh. Zero electricity is coming from the grid into the house – that’s why it’s smiling!